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Fate of Po’ Monkey’s hinges on settlement of estate

By JACK WEATHERLY There are two questions about a historic Delta juke house: 1.) Can Po’ Monkey’s work without Po’ Monkey? 2.) Can the house be moved from the cotton field where it sprang up in the rich soil and culture of the Delta? Willie Seaberry, aka Po’ Monkey, died July 14, 2016. He had a life estate at the ...

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Po’ Monkey’s will rock the house again

By JACK WEATHERLY If you drive down a country road a mile or so west of Merigold next summer you might hear some familiar sounds above the crunch of the gravel beneath your tires. Not large farm machinery in the distance working the Delta land. It won’t be an illusion. It will be Po Monkey’s Lounge, the world-famous sharecropper’s shack turned into ...

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Best Steakhouses in Mississippi: CRAWDAD’s

Start a conversation about good places to eat in the Mississippi Delta, and you’re eventually going to mention Crawdad’s. The landmark in Merigold opened in the early 1980s as a takeout crawfish place. “That place has morphed into one of the finest eating establishments in the Delta,” said Rep. David Norquist, D-Cleveland, who said he’s been going to Crawdad’s “as ...

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