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Death on the half-shell: Flood could kill 90 percent of state's oysters

Another major disaster is facing Mississippi, and this one could totally wipe out Mississippi’s oysters. If that happens it could be months — perhaps years — before another oyster is harvested in Mississippi waters. The historic Mississippi River flood has dumped so much freshwater into the Mississippi Sound that scientists are concerned that there will be no harvest season this year. ...

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Running down the numbers

On June 2, the Associated Press issued a news release that pegged the state’s potential agriculture losses due the historic Mississippi River flood at $250 million-plus. It was the first hard figure yet given for Mississippi farmers’ flood-related losses. The AP piece cited the Governor’s Office as the source of the figure. Since the release, the Mississippi Business Journal has ...

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Vicksburg’s Washington Street retailers confront threats real and imagined Last week on Vicksburg’s Washington Street retail corridor, two different kinds of fears were taking hold. One sprung from lost business due to tourist fears about the coming Mississippi River flood, which is expected to be the worst since 1927. The other dealt with a more tangible threat – the River ...

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