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Jeb Bush tailgating before Mississippi rivalry football game

Jeb Bush

STARKVILLE — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush plans to socialize with college football fans in Mississippi this weekend. The Bush campaign says the former Florida governor on Saturday will be in the tailgating area on the Mississippi State University campus in Starkville. He plans to meet people before the Egg Bowl, Mississippi State’s big rivalry game with the University of ...

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Catfish producer and processor expanding in Miss. Delta


ISOLA — A catfish producer and processor is expanding its operation in the Mississippi Delta town of Isola. Consolidated Catfish currently employs 425 people and announced Tuesday that it is adding 12 jobs. The state’s economic development agency, Mississippi Development Authority, says it provided $100,000 to help the company improve a wastewater treatment facility. The company is investing $900,000 for ...

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Brandon Clement chasing storms and his dreams

Brandon Clement of Terry chased the Bennington tornado, a large, violent tornado that touched down near Bennington, Kan., May 30, 2013. The tornado was unusual in that it hardly moved over a period of about an hour when tornadoes usually speed through areas.

By BECKY GILLETTE Some people might think it well, a bit foolhardy, to be chasing after tornadoes. But Brandon Clement of Terry finds it exhilarating to observe weather in its most extreme forms — and sharing that information with the National Weather Service, emergency responders and the general public in the form of live feeds goes beyond entertaining to being potentially ...

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Shift to fiscal hardliners makes road rough for new transportation money


By TED CARTER Mississippi’s business leaders may have waited too long – or perhaps not long enough – in targeting winter 2016 for a legislative showdown on how Mississippi pays for upkeep of its roads, bridges and other infrastructure. Today, any comprehensive transportation package that includes new funding is up against a 2016 legislative class with a sizable number of members ...

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Georgia Chamber a big player in state’s 2015 overhaul of transportation funding


  By TED CARTER Georgia once paid its residents to drive hybrid vehicles. Today, it is charging owners of the electric automobiles $200 a year to drive on Georgia roads. The registration fee on hybrids, which climbs to $300 for commercial vehicles, brought strong protests but survived as part of an extensive 2015 transportation funding revamp that is projected to generate ...

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Do hybrid owners pay their share, or do they have a target on their back?

3D Fee Button Click Here Block Text

  By TED CARTER Georgia did it. So did Virginia, before the Commonwealth decided it wasn’t such a great idea, after all. The two states enacted special registration fees on hybrid cars, figuring that motorists who drive electrically powered cars put wear and tear on roadways but avoid paying the motor fuel taxes that pay for road maintenance. With the stroke ...

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Pullout by United Health would hurt competition in state’s exchange

health insurance

By JACK WEATHERLY  A bright outlook for the Mississippi insurance exchange for 2016 is threatened by the possible pullout in 2017 of its biggest insurer. The United Health Group says it may depart from all the Affordable Care Act exchanges because they are a drain on its bottom line. United Health plans to expand its coverage to all 82 counties in the ...

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Small businesses report premiums rising, are unaware of stiff IRS fine


By JACK WEATHERLY  Sixty-three percent of small-business owners reported higher health insurance premiums between July 2014 and July 2015, according to a National Federation of Independent Business survey. Also, 16 percent of the businesses surveyed are offering – and 20 percent are considering offering — a benefit for workers that they don’t realize is outlawed by the Internal Revenue Service’s interpretation ...

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Nurse turns entrepreneur with Marina Cottage Soap Co.

Cottage Soap Co.  products are handcrafted in the back of the store 
in Ocean Springs and sold up front and online.

By LISA MONTI Vanessa Mueller can still remember how her young daughter suffered from eczema and how frustrated she was with the limited treatment options. “As a mom, I felt helpless,” she said. “We tried creams and lotions to get some relief, but nothing was working.” So Mueller, a registered nurse, decided to use her training and experience to develop soaps ...

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Businesses, be careful paying the bills

Money in hand

By BECKY GILLETTE Gone are the days when businesses had to mail checks to pay bills and wait until the end of the month to get bank statements. Now both large and small businesses find it extremely convenient to bank online. “The old fashioned way was to write a check, mail it and then it would take time to clear,” said ...

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