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Lines at new Kroger and lines at Disney have lot in common

My big outing this past week was to the new Kroger in Madison. I’m told it’s the biggest one in Mississippi. It’s over the top big, and it’s fancy. Lots of fancy fake stonework out front. Big pots of mums on the sidewalk. A site to behold. I don’t live in Madison, but this seemed to be the place to ...

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There are bright spots to be optimistic about

The annual banquet for the Mississippi Economic Education Council is a chance to celebrate advances in the economic and financial literacy in our state. We give awards to primary and secondary teachers for their innovative lessons in the field. We listen to teenagers talk about starting their own businesses and about learning to invest. We carry the torch for financial ...

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It’s time to invest in entrepreneurs

Mississippi has always been a laggard — the last to join the party and the last to leave the table. In 2009 national unemployment rates hit the 10 percent mark, but Mississippi managed to stay below average in this undesirable category. Within the last year, unemployment rates began to drop slightly, but Mississippi’s unemployment blew past the double-digit mark. In ...

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