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NY’s Mississippi Picnic in The Park cancelled over anti-gay law

Mississippi in the Park

Mississippi Picnic in New York’s Central Park, a major showcase for the state, won’t be held this year, say organizers, attributing the cancellation to the state’s “unfortunate adoption” of a religion-focused law allowing discrimination against gay people and others. This would have been the 37th year for the picnic sponsored by the New York-Mississippi Society. The event held each June ...

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BOOKBIZ — An exploration into Patti Smith’s mind and memories

» M Train  
By Patti Smith 
Published by Alfred A. Knopf       
$25.00 hardback

Patti Smith is a woman of many talents. She’s an accomplished performer, visual artist, and photographer, as well as a punk-rock icon and poet. With the publication of her exceptional memoir Just Kids in 2010, she added National Book Award winner to the list. In Just Kids (which I liked so much I read it twice within a year) Smith ...

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JOSH MABUS: Share and share alike

When you hear the term “sharing economy,” you might think socialist plot, or more likely, you might not know what I’m talking about. Through my unique form of amateur polling (talking to everyone I meet), I’ve determined that Mississippians might not know a whole lot about the sharing economy. At its most basic, the sharing economy states: You have a ...

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Forecasters predict slower-than-normal hurricane season

GULF OF MEXICO — A slower-than-usual hurricane season is expected this year because of an expected El Nino, federal forecasters said today, but they warned that it takes only one storm to wreak havoc and urged Americans to be prepared. The El Nino, which warms part of the Pacific every few years and changes rain and temperature patterns around the ...

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John-Richard's Alex Malouf receives the 2013 Tozzoli International Business Award

GREENWOOD, Mississippi — Alex Malouf, CEO and Chairman of the Board of John-Richard, has received the 2013 Tozzoli International Business Award for excellence in the development of international business leadership. The Tozzoli International Business award is named for Guy Tozzoli who was the founder and President of the World Trade Center Association in NYC and a three time Novel Peace ...

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Keeping our eye on… Casey Combest

Vancleave native Casey Combest earned a sociology degree from Mississippi College and was chasing down a graduate degree at Reformed Theological Seminary when he decided to pursue a career in the music business industry. “I saw that there was a desperate need for a linchpin that would work for musicians as they tried to bridge the gap of making their ...

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New York Times comments on recent Mississippi legislation and 'Nanny State' of America

Here is part of an op-ed in today’s New York TImes that mentions recent legislation passed in Mississippi … Americans, even those who generally support government intervention in our daily lives, have a reflexive response to being told what to do, and it’s not a positive one. It’s this common desire to be left alone that prompted the Mississippi Legislature ...

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Entergy Mississippi workers returning home; crews helped restore service following Superstorm Sandy

JACKSON — Entergy Mississippi crews are returning homeafter nearly three weeks spent helping restore utility service to victims of Superstorm Sandy. “We sent about 150 workers, including our company employees and contract workers, to the Northeast,” said Robbin Jeter, Entergy Mississippi director of transmission and distribution. “They were very successful in helping our sister utilities in their time of need, ...

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Q&A: Bill Rayburn, Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of FNC Inc.

Bill Rayburn is co-founder, CEO, and chairman of the board of FNC Inc., a Mississippi-grown mortgage technology company that delivered its first solution in early 1999. Under Rayburn’s leadership, the technology company invented and developed a residential real estate Collateral Management System (CMS) that revolutionized the mortgage industry. Rayburn initially tackled the responsibility of raising funds and establishing the banking ...

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