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JOSH MABUS: Bet on yourself; Bobby Bonilla did and won big

Bobby Bonilla-mets_feature_rgb

I have been a pretty loyal baseball fan since I was a little boy — mostly rooting for the San Francisco Giants. I can attribute most of this to Will Clark and his perfect swing. I was almost a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, though. The first baseball card I ever pulled from a package was Bobby Bonilla’s rookie card. It was ...

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MBJ Editorial: Idea for new minor league team not a good one

There was a time that minor league sports, baseball in particular, was at the heart of the American dream. Watch “Field of Dreams” and you will know everything you need to know. However, these days, non-affiliated minor league sports do not work. They don’t work in Mississippi, ever. To think there is a group of people, today, wanting to start ...

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