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Analysis: New PSC member Brown could be swing vote on Kemper

A look at the Kemper County Coal Plant from the top. The plant will be tasked with mining lignite coal a few hundred yards away from the plant. That coal is moved through a process that will convert it to syngas. The syngas is then used to drive the energy output of the plant, and the resulting electricity is then moved into the grid.

Marked for death by Republicans, Democrat Cecil Brown may end up playing a critical role when he takes up his new post as public service commissioner representing the Central District. Four years ago, the Democrat was dethroned from his perch as chairman of the House Education Committee and bumped off the House Appropriations Committee by the incoming GOP majority. The ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Underperforming state economy thumps state budget

economic development

Uh oh.  Money to fund Mississippi government is below target this year and will be less than expected next year.   So much for fully funding MAEP next year, or big tax cuts, or big funding increases for colleges, universities or other state agencies.   And this is a surprise?   Given all the tax cuts, rebates, and credits passed by ...

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JRA will hear proposal for Denver developer’s Farish St. restart

A Denver developer wants to complete the abandoned Farish Street redevelopment in downtown Jackson.

By TED CARTER The Jackson Redevelopment Authority has agreed to hear Denver developer Leroy Smith’s proposal to restart Jackson’s stalled Farish Street redevelopment as part of a $100 million investment he wants to make in downtown and West Jackson. To adhere to a Chancery Court order that the proposal be heard, former Farish Street developer David Watkins will make the ...

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BOBBY HARRISON: State’s conservatism nothing new

politics GOP

Legislative Republicans, especially House Speaker Philip Gunn, often talk about their accomplishments during the current  four-year tenure that is quickly coming to an end. “Since Republicans gained control,” they often say as they tout their record as any good politician would do. It is true that Republicans gained a majority in the Mississippi House four years ago for the first ...

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Work on Jackson’s Capitol Art Lofts delayed

These renderings show the Capitol Art Lofts, which will have 31 
apartments for rent and priced so that artists and other creative people 
can afford them.

By JACK WEATHERLY  HRI Properties announced in April that it had secured financing for a $10.4 million renovation of a historic block across from the King Edward hotel on Capitol Street in Jackson. Construction of the Capitol Art Lofts, according to the New Orleans-based developer, was to start this fall. But Joshua Collen, vice president for development for HRI, said ...

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Audits show maritime revenue decline for Port of Gulfport

Gulfport Port

By TED CARTER As it entered the final stages of a multi-year restoration of the Port of Gulfport, the Mississippi State Port Authority ended fiscal 2015 with a net operating loss of $11.5 million, a 2015 audit report shows. A drop of $600,000 in revenues from fiscal 2014 levels contributed to the shortfall. But the main contributor was $9.1 million in ...

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Trade pact touted as gold mine for Mississippi exporters


By JACK WEATHERLY  Foreign trade accounts for one in five Mississippi jobs, growing them at six times the overall jobs creation rate in the state. That’s the take from the Business Roundtable, composed of executives of corporations around the country. Now the U.S. Commerce Department has some more eye-popping figures. The 11 countries that the United States would join in ...

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Signing up for health coverage through the exchange

Denise Woodcock received help from Joy Humes in signing up for Humana coverage. Also shown is Jakajia Woodcock, 14.

By JACK WEATHERLY Denise Woodcock had never seen a reason for her to have health insurance. After all, she said, “I hardly ever get sick.” Then she had to go to an emergency room about a month ago. That left her with a $13,000 medical bill – and a resolve to buy insurance. “That kind of scared me,” she said. ...

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Nan Morrison: a passion for financial literacy (WITH VIDEO)

Selena Swartzfager and Nan Morrison

By ALAN TURNER Growing up on Long Island, Nan Morrison, president and CEO of the Council for Economic Education, says that she first learned about financial literacy from her father, who owned several radio stations in New York. She also acquired a love of numbers, and wound up with a degree in Applied Mathematics from Yale University, finishing magna cum ...

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