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JOSH MABUS: Same product, different in action

MABUS-7-29 Burger-rgb

It’s dinnertime, and you’re starving after a long day at the office. You walk out the front door of your downtown office and see two of the town’s best burger joints. They both buy ingredients from the same vendors: Same beef. Same bun. Same dressings. Lou’s Place not only looks like a diner out of the ‘50s, it is a ...

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Capital City hires consultant to work on negative image

JACKSON — For years, Mississippi’s capital city has battled a reputation as a place of blight, corruption and high crime. Now, Jackson officials say they have enlisted help to upgrade public perception of the state’s biggest city. A local advertising firm, Fahrenheit Creative Group, has been hired in a $45,000 contract, to create better vibes for Jackson. City Council president ...

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