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PHIL HARDWICK — What makes a good mayor?

Now that municipal elections in Mississippi are over it’s time for the winning candidates to consider their new roles. Those who are assuming office for the first time will discover that being a mayor or board/council member is quite different from being a candidate. Being a mayor in particular is one of the toughest jobs going.  A mayor does not ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Do your employees believe in your values and purpose

Do your employees believe in your company or organization’s values? Do they hate to attend staff meetings? These two questions illustrate two issues that are getting a lot of attention these days in human resource circles. And it’s no wonder. According to the Gallup organization, only 23% of U.S. employees strongly agree that they can apply their organization’s values to their ...

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PHIL HARDWICK: It’s all about value

  Question: Our business wants to increase sales, but is having a difficult time because there is a lot of competition in our town. A consultant told us that customers did not perceive our business as providing as much value as our competitors. Our prices are already the same or lower. What can we do? A: Value is more than ...

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PHIL HARDWICK: Do you like your employees? Do they like you?

It’s often been said that employees don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses. With job dissatisfaction so high, and yet so much training on leadership and management, what gives? There sure does seem to be a huge disconnect. Generational differences, technology, no career advancement, the human resources department and the jobs themselves have all been to blame. Perhaps it’s a combination ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Too many colonoscopies, not enough tattoos

Most strategic planning retreats begin with an opening exercise designed to energize the group and get participants to know each other better. The big issues surface later on during the retreat. However, at one recent retreat the opening exercise exposed a major issue facing the organization. The issue: an aging workforce. The exercise: autograph party. Autograph party, also known as ...

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PHIL HARDWICK: So, you’re thinking of running for mayor

With the March 3rd qualifying deadline only a few weeks away, decision time is drawing nigh for those considering running for mayor or other municipal office. To assist in that endeavor, we have put together a list of questions that should be answered by any person considering a run for mayor. The first question is the most important one because it ...

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