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PHIL HARDWICK — All about streets

Depending on the perspective, there are good streets and not-so-good streets.  And then there are great streets.  This writer has a bias toward streets that are canopied. In Mississippi, that means streets that have treetops over them. Some streets in Ocean Springs, Jackson and Laurel come to mind. This column is about great streets as defined by the Project for ...

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PHIL HARWDICK — Be wary of phony developers who will take advantage of your community

Amazon’s method of inviting cities to bid for its second headquarters is the top story in economic development news these days. It is fascinating to see cities responding with expensive and sometimes wild offers to be the one that is selected. I suppose you can’t blame them. Every public official wants more good job in their communities. So much so ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Do you care about your followers?

Ask members of a group to name the characteristics of a good leader, and don’t be surprised when the usual descriptions come up: visionary, listener, communicator, ethical, trustworthy, etc. I’ve been doing such an exercise with groups for a long time. Lately, I’ve noticed that a certain characteristic has moved from the middle of the list to near the top. ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — The ABCs of economic development for small towns

  Mayors of just about all small towns are part-time individuals interested and willing to serve their communities. They do not get paid very much and most are not holders of college degrees in economic or community development. They learn quickly that there is a lot to learn about being the CEO of a small town. One of the many ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — A Q&A with Knox Ross

It’s been a while since I had a chance to visit with former Pelahatchie Mayor Knox Ross so I reached out to him online. Here’s my interview with the personable and accomplished Ross. What are you doing these days? I am completing an 11-month assignment as the CEO of the Coordinating and Development Corporation in Shreveport. The CDC is an ...

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PHIL HARDWICK: Become involved in serving your community

Sooner or later, successful business persons will be asked to serve on a nonprofit board of directors.  Such service can be rewarding, but the outcome can be miserable if there is a bad match between board member and organization. To help avoid a potential bad experience and to help you evaluate whether you and the organization are a good match, the ...

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