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WOODS: On becoming Yeti-fied

The secret for making big money in Corporate America is to infuse your brand name into everyday life. That brand has to be part of the discussion at the kitchen dinner table, in the break room at work, church parking lots after service, and the logo has to be visible everywhere you turn. Consumers are literally being brainwashed with brand ...

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The Primos legacy transition

Mississippi is the home of a lot of firsts. Honest, we’re not last in everything. I mean they did the first heart transplant here in 1964. Space shuttle rocket engines are tested here. The best catfish on Earth comes from here. The first football player on a box of Wheaties was Mississippi’s Walter Payton. Mississippi was first to institute junior ...

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Turkey hunters gobble up gear

Next to deer hunting in Mississippi, the second place holder for hunter activity is turkey hunting. The last federal estimation of hunters in the Magnolia State put the numbers of deer hunters at 288,000 and turkey hunters at roughly 95,000. Admittedly this data is getting a bit grey around the edges, so I might feel comfortable adding 10 percent to ...

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