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Reaching for the algorithms

Market slumps that have dampened more than a few Wall Street parties over the past 50 years have left a lot of investors feeling like they’re all out of aces. But they are never out of algorithms – not if they know where to find them. The partners at Jackson hedge fund firm Woodridge Capital adopted an algorithm system in ...

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Academic watchers of hedge funds not ready to take on disciple role

Niche hedge fund traders like Woodridge Capital represent a new kind of risk taker that runs right up on the light after it has turned yellow. They win or lose by knowing whether to hit the brakes or throttle forward. So says Fan Chen, a University of Mississippi associate professor of finance who specializes in researching the trading of mutual ...

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Encouraged by the up-and-coming

Woodridge Capital’s Davis one of those that will lead us in the future The framers of our United States Constitution stepped up in a moment of history and crafted a document that has guided this country for more than 200 years. Interestingly, the average age of the delegates was 43. Benjamin Franklin was the oldest delegate to the constitutional convention ...

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