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Mississippi center to note Roosevelt’s 1902 teddy bear hunt

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is starting construction of a visitor’s center for seven wildlife refuges in the Mississippi Delta. The service broke ground Wednesday in Onward for the 5,000 square-foot Theodore Roosevelt Visitor Center, projected to cost $5.6 million. A 6-acre Sharkey County parcel for the center was donated by Wildlife Mississippi. The visitor’s center will commemorate a ...

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Louisiana black bear could move off threatened-species list

Federal and Louisiana officials say it’s time to get the animal that inspired teddy bears off the list of protected species. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official Steve Guertin says his agency is making a formal proposal to remove the Louisiana black bear from the list of threatened species. Removal from the list would let hunters kill at least a ...

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Study: Black bears likely to live another 100 years

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — A new study of the animals that inspired teddy bears finds that Louisiana black bears are likely to survive another century as long as conditions remain stable. The report released yesterday by the U.S. Geological Survey could lead to the bears’ removal from the list of threatened animals, said Maria Davidson, head of the Louisiana Department of ...

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