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Only quarter of eligible Mississippians join health insurance exchange so far

With a month of open enrollment left, 81,251 Mississippians have either registered or been automatically renewed for the state’s Federally Facilitated Marketplace created through the Affordable Care Act. Still, the totals represent just 26 percent of those eligible to enroll, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Last year, Mississippi ranked 33rd in the number of eligible people who enrolled in ...

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Brand compatibility leads CVS to snuff out store tobacco sales

CVS Caremark will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products at its stores by Oct. 1, making the nation’s second-largest drugstore chain in the first national pharmacy to pull tobacco products from its sales roster. The Christian Science Monitor reports that CVS’s announcement follows years of branding initiatives to retool the mega-retailer not just as a drugstore chain, but as a ...

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CARTER: HHS advises Jurassic approach for health insurance sign-ups – use letter, phone or visit

President Obama’s admission Monday that something is really, really wrong with the federally built health insurance market websites left the impression that our commander in chief would call in drone strikes on all the sites if only they’d stay up long enough to be viable targets. Though no heads have rolled at HHS that we know of over the exchange ...

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Arkansas option gains steam as states look for Medicaid expansion alternatives

Three weeks ago, when Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe was in Washington for the National Governors Association meeting, he made a trip to Health and Human Services. Beebe had an unusual Obamacare proposal. The Arkansas legislature did not want to expand Medicaid for those under 133 percent of the federal poverty line, an option under the Affordable Care Act. Instead, it ...

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