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JACK WEATHERLY: Encyclopedia of Mississippi: it’s about all of us

Before the Internet, I was notorious at my house for interrupting a family discussion at the dinner table to check something in the encyclopedia. Our kids would groan: “Oh no, not the encyclopedia.” It was an occupational hazard from working for years on news desks. No longer. We’ve got the World Wide Web. But not everything is on the web. ...

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Fall exhibit of Marie Hull art is must-see

The artists of Mississippi are real treasures, and none shines brighter than Marie Atkinson Hull. She is beloved by collectors, art students and Mississippians who enjoy her work. A major retrospective exhibition and a new book will honor Hull’s legacy. Bright Fields: The Mastery of Marie Hull will be on view at the Mississippi Museum of Art from Sept. 26 ...

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University Press of Mississippi forms new partnership

JACKSON — The University Press of Mississippi has established a new partnership with University Press Online Scholarship. Mississippi Scholarship Online brings together the best of University Press of Mississippi’s scholarly publishing and ensures that scholars around the globe have yet another path to discover UPM titles. Launched in March, Mississippi Scholarship Online (MSSO) makes almost 200 key UPM titles available online in ...

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Author uncovers long lost dark family secret

With so many compelling – and sometimes harrowing – stories in Mississippi, it is proven over and over that truth really is stranger than fiction. Delving into dark family mysteries is not for the faint of heart, but Molly Walling tackles it full-on with this story of a closely held, 60-year-old family secret. It undoubtedly is a story some of ...

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Native Mississippian brings people and places to life in photos

Born in the Sumner in 1928, Oraien Catledge spent most of his life as a social worker in the Mississippi Delta. He was a tireless advocate for the blind throughout the South. Near the end of a long career in this profession, he took up photography as an avocation. It suited him well. His book of photography, simply titled “Oraien ...

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