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Medicare, working folks: The myths and misgivings

The recent firestorm over Medicare has sparked the need to revisit the whole healthcare debate from the viewpoint of the working man and woman. In other words, forget all of the horrifying data related to multi-trillion-dollar deficits and percentages of GDP. While these and similar statistics keep economists and speculators of all stripes up at night, they tend to make ...

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Washington not wasted on the young

Perhaps my favorite work-related week of the year has become the one where I am able to observe college students become exposed to that disease or opportunity known as “Potomac Fever.” To the cynical older folks among us “Potomac Fever” is a malady to be dreaded. After all, how can one spend all day cussing everything about Washington, D.C., and ...

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The Government vs. The Free Market

The debate over the need to let free market capitalism run free and unfettered versus the demand for tightened government involvement in the form of increased regulation is moving from the ridiculous to the sublime.  Indeed, it has been astounding recently how a speaker has lamented, often in the same sentence,  the expansion of government influence while simultaneously expressing rage ...

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