YBC is converting to a brewpub, and by doing so, its beer won’t be sold anywhere else but in Water Valley. The move was prompted by the passage of HB-1322 in the Mississippi Legislature earlier this year, allowing microbreweries like Yalobusha to sell limited volume directly to consumers, in addition to selling at the retail level. It was a law craft beer makers had been lobbying for for years.

In an email that also appeared on the company’s website, O’Bryan wrote, “With the changing of the law at hand, we have decided to convert Yalobusha Brewing Company to a brewpub. This will take our product off the shelves throughout the state, and our location in Water Valley will be the exclusive place to purchase our beer.”

O’Bryan also said, “My plan is to open three new brewpubs in three years, each built and customized to the town they’re located in. Tupelo and Oxford planning is well underway. “

Going from a distributing brewery to a brewpub “will enable us to stay small but to have 100 percent of our sales be direct to consumer.”

O’Bryan also said YBC’s Main Street facility will be adding a restaurant and coffee bar.

“This also reflects the growth of our area and the huge local support we have received on our weekend tours,” he wrote. “Many of the tap-room exclusive selections you may have tried will now become beers that you can order by the pint or get a growler to go. We will also be announcing several ticketed events throughout the year that will celebrate the release of our limited release beers, including the very much sought-after Testify among other barrel-aged products.”

More information and updates will be provided through its social media outlets and on its website at www.yalobrew.com, the company said.

— Daily Journal