As a parent, Amanda McFerrin, owner of Club 3Six3 in Mantachie, would worry every time her son would hang out with his friends. Their only options were to drive from their small hometown of Mantachie to Tupelo. It got her to thinking.

McFerrin remembered a time when Mantachie had a game room, a place where teens could hang out. She began looking at business ideas and places to open up something similar to what they had when they were younger.

After word of what the McFerrins were planning made the rounds, a Facebook friend suggested a building. Turns out, the place their friend had suggested was a perfect fit. The family began renovating the building. Every day, people would ask when they planned to open and what they could do to help.

The McFerrins appeared to have a successful business on their hands, long before they’d opened the doors to their first customer.

While away in Boston for a conference with her son, Amanda and John Taylor McFerrin began to scope out places similar to what she remembered from her teenage years. The two walked around Boston looking at coffee shops and game rooms, gathering ideas for what they could bring to their hometown.

On the plane ride home, the pair sketched out a floor plan for their business and a rough budget. After returning home, the community was excited to see what the family had planned.

But it was the unplanned that made Club 3six3 a reality. With less than two weeks until opening, the McFerrins received a call that the former home of Mantachie Printing – a far larger building – had become available. John Taylor McFerrin said the decision to move to the bigger space was a “no-brainer.”

The move came with some challenges. The new space was almost double the size of the one they originally planned to occupy. They were going from a building with one pool table, some snacks and a few places to sit to a space with three full-sized pool tables and restaurant-style food.

“We went from nachos and snickers bars to hamburger steaks and catfish plates,” McFerrin said with a laugh.

Even after having to scrap many of their initial plans, the McFerrins found the outpouring from the community to be outstanding. People were offering to help and giving their support in numerous ways.

“I had guys out here that I had gone to high school with, some I had barely talked to since graduation, helping lay tile in the kitchen,” John Taylor McFerrin said.

After three years of thinking, planning and renovating, Club 3Six3 opened its doors on Oct. 19, 2018. The place originally started out as just Amanda McFerrin and her son. Later, they brought on Amanda McFerrin’s mother, Janet Hinds, as a full-time chef.

The McFerrins said the support from their hometown has been incredible since day one. Their business bustles on weekends, filled from wall to wall with local teens. People have rented out their building for different events, and Club 3Six3 also offers catering services.

The McFerrins plan to grow their business when the time is right. For now, they are happy Amanda McFerrin’s seed on an idea has grown into a place which would make her teenage self proud.