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The Features…The Benefits

Mississippi Business Journal offers a number of features that deliver direct benefits to our advertisers. This translates to more value for your advertising dollar.


* Business Demographics
* Personal Demographics

Mailed Circulation: Delivery of MBJ is guaranteed because our paper is mailed to offices. This also enables our readers to spend time reading where the focus is on work and the business environment. MBJ readers spend an average of 30 minutes with each issue giving your ad excellent exposure in the workplace.

Great Ad Visibility: Your ads are not buried in a page of other ads. Each ad touches a story or chart, giving your company greater visibility and effectiveness.

Focus Sections: Each week, MBJ addresses a different industry in this special section. It allows you to further target the industries you work with the most.

Strictly Business: This popular news feature has consistently built a loyal readership of business leaders by providing some of the latest breaking, business news in the state. Readers value the information in MBJ and this adds value to your ads.

Skilled Production: With a full-time production staff, MBJ can assist you in the design of your ads at a nominal price. This helps hold down costs of creating effective ads that will draw readers to your message.

Rate Structure Flexibility: You are not locked in to running the same size ad each week of your schedule. Our rate structure allows you to move up or down the size scale to accommodate your needs..

Pass-Along Readership: MBJ averages 3.3 readers per copy each week. Delivering to businesses allows readers to “pass-it-on”; a real bonus to advertisers, opening a larger target audience at no extra cost.

Audited Circulation: You are guaranteed that the numbers reported to you are verifiable, and that the papers reach the subscribers you want to target with your ads. Look at our Business Demographics or our Personal Demographics to see who you can reach.

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