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JEFFREY GITOMER — The relationship edge … Are you on it, in it, or over it?

Beginning a relationship is easy. Exploration is predominantly on the surface. Nothing too deep. Nothing too wide. Nothing too revealing. In the beginning, all is well. Friendships blossom. Feelings emerge. And life is good. It’s like fast dancing at a bar. You kind of get to know the other person without touching them. Watch them move, see their rhythm, exchange ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER — Lost on the road to success? Ask Jim Rohn for directions

Sales sick? Take two Jim Rohn (lessons) and call me in the morning. One of my most respected life influencers was Jim Rohn. Considered by many (me included) to have been America’s foremost business philosopher, he impacted millions of people with his words of wisdom. Here’s a testimonial from someone he influenced, “Jim Rohn, my first personal development teacher, always ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER — Driving for sales success? Jim Rohn is the fuel.

The root of your sales success lies in your sales philosophy. How did you develop yours? Mine came from a combination of home environment, books, education, mentors, personal development programs, personal experience, and observations. You establish and revise the basic principles of your philosophies by exposure to information, your experiences, and listening to the belief of others — especially those ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER — Leaving for greener pastures? Do you know why? Are you sure they’re green?

Why do salespeople quit their job? More money? Better job opportunity? Don’t like what they are doing? Don’t like their boss? Don’t like their corporate politics? Don’t like how you’re being treated as a person? Don’t feel the company is supporting you as a salesperson? Just had their commissions cut? Company going back on their word about paying or deal ...

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