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It’s time to take stock of your financial situation

The best advice is worth repeating until people take it to heart and follow it. For your waistline, it’s something like, “eat less, exercise more.” The best advice for your wallet might well be “spend less, save more.” Nancy Lottridge Anderson, a chartered financial analyst, offers advice to clients at New Perspectives Inc., her investing service and financial planning firm ...

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Two out of three ain’t bad for economic forecasts

Our annual CFA Forecast Dinner is always a delightful event: good food, good dinner companions, and good discussion about the economy and financial markets. This year was no exception. Kathleen Hays, popular Bloomberg radio host, was our moderator. The panel consisted of Kenneth Taubes of Pioneer Investment Management, Mark Freeman of Westwood Holdings Group, and David Tice of Federated Investments. ...

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Marketing a challenge for small businesses

Marketing for a small business has always been a challenge, but with the advent of social networking, it’s now a lot cheaper. Anyone with access to the Internet can spread the word about a business. Most of the social sites are free and allow for instant access to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers. Start a Facebook page for ...

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Practical not the way to describe government

I’m getting ready to climb out on a limb. For the past few years, I’ve kept my mouth shut and listened to piles of manure being spouted by both sides. I’m not a small government or a big government person. I’m a reasonable government person. In fact, I’m just a reasonable person — practical to a fault. TARP makes me ...

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