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Mortgage fraud cases

It was 30 years ago and I was a rookie investigator with the Mississippi Real Estate Commission when I received a call from a federal law enforcement officer who wanted to remain nameless and who wanted to talk about his real estate transaction. He wondered about the method his accountant had used in preparing his income tax return. It seems ...

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Duo tackles eminent domain

Once again, we join Red and Fred at the local café as they discuss issues of the day. Red takes a sip of his coffee… Red: This java is good. I didn’t like it at first when they switched to this strong stuff, but now that I got used to it I think it’s pretty good. Wonder where it comes ...

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Don’t forget selling home a biz decision

Is your house on the market? Are you getting offers? Is your agent working hard to sell your home? Did you select the right agent? In this market, these questions are being asked more frequently because there is rather strong evidence that the recent period of rapidly rising home prices may have ended. The result is that houses in some ...

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Survey examines top site selection factors

To be successful in economic development is to know one’s community assets, know what nationally expanding industries are searching for and somehow match the two. That, of course, is easier said than done, but fortunately there are tools that can help make one of the tasks easier. One such tool is a survey of what nationally expanding industries are searching ...

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