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PHIL HARDWICK — Shareholders’ needs and keeing a balance

A lot of people are interested in your company or organization and its success. They want it to succeed because they have a stake in it. And that’s why they are called stakeholders. There are six broad categories of stakeholders: Stockholders, managers, employees, customers, community and suppliers/distributors. Each has its own set of interests, needs and expectations. Stockholders/Investors – In ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Using the power of story to grow your business

The critical problem facing businesses today is communication. Using the story of your business is an excellent way to help solve the problem. Used properly and creatively, it will increase sales, motivate employees and improve your company’s image. So what is story anyway? It seems there are many definitions and so-called ingredients. Aristotle said that a story has a beginning, ...

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PHIL HARDWICK’S THE ALIBI, a serial novel: Chapter 8 Trophies found at Old Waverly

» Jack Boulder, Mississippi’s premier private investigator, seeks to recover the special Brett Favre MVP exhibit that has been stolen from the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum. Wednesday, March 4 Jack Boulder arrived at the Elite Restaurant in downtown Jackson at 7:30 a.m. and was shown to a booth next to a mirrored wall. Outside, a chilly rain ...

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