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Loan origination schemes make FBI’s Top 10

As onerous as the new regulations in place may seem to loan originators, an alarming number seems to justify them. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Mortgage Fraud Report, of the Top 10 Prevalent Schemes per FBI cases opened for fiscal year 2010, an astounding 62 percent of them involved loan origination schemes. The kinds of mortgage fraud varied ...

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If proposed legislation being considered by Congress becomes law, the dream of home ownership will be a dream deferred for some and one increasingly illusive for others. Prospective homebuyers, lenders, Realtors and home builders are battling butterflies in their stomachs the size of 777 aircrafts over the proposed rules for “Qualified Residential Mortgages,” which would require a 20 percent down ...

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Wealth management still on the saving radar

With more than 22 years of experience in the wealth management industry, John Hill, isn’t easily alarmed over the financial markets’ present tumult. Their ongoing gyrations, though, have caused him to not only spend more time findings ways to help clients to hold on to their money, he is holding on to something else of theirs with greater frequency — ...

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Change never happened

This was supposed to be the year of historic change in the state’s banking industry. All over the state, folks at healthy banks were rolling up their sleeves in advance of the predicted rollup of community banks who were weakened by to margin and competitive pressures, a lack of growth opportunities and regulatory burdens. BancorpSouth? Nothing. Trustmark? No mark. Regions? ...

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Getting a brand new look with an old, classic style

Imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery; it can be a profitable business opportunity for contractors and skilled laborers. Throughout the state and across the nation, old buildings are finding new life through their preservation and adaptive reuse. Prime examples of such undertakings are projects in Jackson with the Standard Life Building, the King Edward Hotel, the Federal ...

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Yazoo clay can be a dirty word

Changes to downtown Jackson are happening daily. Not all of those changes are good, though. In a city now teeming with construction projects that are adding vibrancy to the area’s rebirth, businesses’ contractors are waging battles to keep the daily changes underground from wrecking progress. The culprit: Yazoo clay, a material that is extremely expansive that swells to four time ...

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