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WILLOUGHBY — Leading by example, Greg Drumwright gets ‘in the trenches’ with workers

by Martin Willoughby Published: February 28,2014

Tags: Business, Butler Snow, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi

I work with a number of companies on creating greater employee engagement in their workforce. These companies realize that the path to success is one where employees give their discretionary effort and actually “care.” Interestingly, there are no magic bullets for creating engagement. It is far easier to bark orders and command people to do […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY — Heart of the matter: Dr. Robert Skinner seizes opportunity

by Martin Willoughby Published: January 31,2014

Tags: Business, Butler Snow, healthcare, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi

One of my favorite concepts from bestselling business author Jim Collins is to “confront the brutal facts.” Collins explains how great leaders are not afraid to face the facts and deal with them head on. With that in mind, I note a few brutal facts about cardiovascular disease in the state of Mississippi. It is […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Bo Bounds succeeds in radio as well as an entrepreneur

by Martin Willoughby Published: October 11,2013

Tags: Business, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi

If you have driven around the metro Jackson area and are a sports talk radio fan, then you probably know my interviewee this week. Bo Bounds has built an impressive following with his long running radio show — “The Out of Bounds Show.” His show is on ESPN 105.9 The Zone, which is the only […] [...]

MARTIN WILLOUGHBY — Trey Smith builds relationships while growing Simple Strokes Therapy Consultants

by Martin Willoughby Published: October 4,2013

Tags: Business, column, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi

Simon Sinek in his bestseller Start With Why shares the powerful truth that, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” He cites numerous examples of companies like Apple who have a definitive “why” that people connect. I have found that truly […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Keeping it in the family — Aden follows father’s lead

by Martin Willoughby Published: September 27,2013

Tags: Business, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi, small business

As baby boomers continue to retire and transition family-owned businesses, there will be many families trying to navigate the challenges of generational business transfers. One of the real challenges of being a second-generation business leader is standing in the shadow of your parent who founded the company. As I have worked with business owners through […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: David Pharr believes effective leaders should shun glory-seeking

by Martin Willoughby Published: September 13,2013

Tags: Business, Butler Snow, David Pharr, leaders, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi

I n my study of leaders, I have found a simple but common theme — they CARE. They think beyond themselves and work for the greater good. They have a servant mindset and want to elevate others. Some leaders extend their sphere of influence to impact the communities around them as well. They take an […] [...]

MISSISSIPPI LEADERS — Firm foundation as Smith-Howard leads MNF

by Martin Willoughby Published: September 6,2013

Tags: Business, leaders, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi

S ometimes when you first meet someone you can tell they are a natural born leader. They have a passion and enthusiasm for life that is contagious. John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Real leaders understand that leadership […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Kirk Jeffreys keeps eye on the future

by Martin Willoughby Published: August 30,2013

Tags: EyeCare Professionals, Kirk Jeffreys, Martin Willoughby

My father was a pitcher in the New York Yankees minor league system, so I grew up a passionate Yankees fan. I learned all about the lives of famous Yankees ballplayers including the iconic Babe Ruth. I remember that when he retired he not only held the record for single season home runs (60), career […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Will Pace uses childhood lessons to lead Circle Seven

by Martin Willoughby Published: August 23,2013

Tags: Circle Seven Outpost & Provisions, hunting, Martin Willoughby, Will Pace

I have the fortunate opportunity to assist a lot of my clients with their hiring. I believe it is critical to get the “right people on the team” and to make sure you have a cultural fit with the organization. One of the things I look out for as a “red flag” is when I […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Great by choice

by Martin Willoughby Published: August 2,2013

Tags: Beneta Burt, Health Equity Inc., Martin Willoughby, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

I ask each of my interviewees their favorite business/leadership book. By far, the most frequent book referenced is Jim Collins’ Good to Great. Collins has a follow-up book out, which is also very impactful titled “Great By Choice.” In the book he states, “Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is […] [...]

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