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Book Biz: Two recent works examples of state’s literary prowess

Pass Christian Books owner Scott Naugle is an enthusiastic supporter of Mississippi writers and Mississippi subject matter. He touts two fine examples of both in the recent works of Ward and Vendryes. Signed copies of both books are available from the bookseller. “Where the Line Bleeds” tells the story of two brothers recently graduated from high school who are struggling ...

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Book Biz: Lemuria employee gives thumbs up to ‘Five Quarters’

This book sounds delicious on several levels. It has all the elements — the French countryside, dark secrets and tasty recipes — to satisfy all the senses. “Five Quarters of the Orange” is set in a small village in the Loire Valley during the World War II German occupation of France. Kaycie Hall, a staff member at Lemuria Books in ...

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Book Biz: Dark but compelling options for good reads

Kay Gough, owner of Bay Books in Bay St. Louis, recommends two outstanding books that will take readers to countries and subject matter which may be unfamiliar. She says both books’ subjects are dark but so compelling. “Cutting for Stone” is an exotic story of brotherly love told by one twin born to an Indian mother, who happens to be ...

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Book Biz: A confirmed book lover shares recommendations

Thomas Jefferson said he could not live without books. Even in this age of unrelenting distractions, instant communication and a myriad of entertainment choices, book lovers still agree with Jefferson. Books enrich our lives with riveting stories, interesting information, mental trips to other times and lands, and on and on. My love affair with books began at an early age. ...

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Book Biz — 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

One-half hour. A half-hour a day, that’s all you need. If you could somehow cram that extra 30 minutes into your already-overscheduled day, you might have a chance to get everything done. But alas, that’s not possible so you’re crazy-busy with never enough time. Isn’t everybody? No, says author Laura Vanderkam. As a matter of fact, there are people busier ...

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Book Biz: The Invisible Gorilla

Nobody gave you the notes? That was the question you asked as you stomped around the office, roaring about the oversight. You wanted notes from yesterday’s meeting. Why weren’t they on your desk? But they were. Right on top, in a blue folder marked “NOTES” and you never even noticed. After apologies all around, you felt like a baboon. How ...

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