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Farmers continue to harvest at record pace

NORTH MISSISSIPPI — The recent dry and hot weather has put some north Mississippi farmers ahead of schedule for harvesting. At this time last year, excessive rains had left many farmers to work in the mud and some to abandon their crops in the field, experts say. “Last year at this time we had zero (acres) harvested,” said Tommy Harrison ...

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Study: Conventional agriculture 'greener'

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Advances in conventional agriculture have dramatically slowed the flow of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, in part by allowing farmers to grow more food to meet world demand without plowing up vast tracts of land, a study by three Stanford University researchers has found. The study, which has been embraced by many agricultural groups but criticized by ...

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Sweet-er potatoes

With weather on their side, so far, growers are looking to rebound from disastrous 2009 So far, so good. Mississippi’s sweet potato growers aren’t ready to celebrate yet, but the 2010 growing season is off to an excellent start — maybe the best ever. If those conditions hold, many farmers might just survive the worst times in the growers’ history. “This ...

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X-Ray discovery could benefit food industry

An assistant professor at the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station has developed a technique that removes harmful bacteria from seafood and fresh produce using X-Ray technology. Bakarat Mahmoud, an assistant professor at the station, uses an RS 2400 X-Ray machine to irradiate the foods, removing bacteria like e-coli, salmonella, listeria, shigella and vibrio from foods like oysters, shrimp, lettuce, ...

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Cold winter staves off killer, for now

A cold winter that killed kudzu plants even on the Gulf Coast led to the eradication of soybean rust in Mississippi, but one state plant pathologist doesn’t want growers to become complacent. Tom Allen, Extension plant pathologist for the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, said rust was detected on kudzu plants in January in several locations in Louisiana, ...

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Farmers getting corn in the ground

This time last year, many farmers weren’t close to getting crops planted Nearly all of Mississippi’s corn crop is in the ground, and the plants are looking good thanks to warm temperatures and a lot of sun, farmers and agriculture officials said. Corn planting in the state came to a “full boil” during the week of April 10 to April ...

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