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KiOR case still bogged down in lawsuits

By JACK WEATHERLY More than five years ago, the state of Mississippi sued billionaire Vinod Khosla and others, contending that they knew that bankrupt firm KiOR had poor prospects for success in making biocrude oil but misled the state into making the company a $75 million no-interest loan. What has happened since? Another lawsuit. The KiOR Inc. Liquidation Trust sued ...

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Mississippi should safeguard meat-processing plant workers

Gov. Tate Reeves wisely took a cautious approach to re-opening Mississippi’s economy last week. He replaced his shelter-in-place edict with a safer-at-home order, good through May 11. The order was not as cautious as the guidelines issued by President Donald Trump, but was far from the open-everything-up notion some protestors want. Reeves appears to be heeding his top health advisor, ...

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ANALYSIS — Tax hike is one thing, bright outlook for gasoline is another

By JACK WEATHERLY A hike in Mississippi gasoline tax has been bandied about for years as a solution for much-needed improvements in the state’s roads and bridges. But it continues to draw, at best, a luke-warm response from governmental leaders. Whether the increase were to occur, the good news is that the historical price of gasoline in the state continues ...

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Delta farmers would benefit having sustainable agriculture

By NASH NUNNERY The bumper sticker on Daniel Doyle’s vehicle perfectly defines his philosophy on sustainable agriculture. “Think before you eat,” it reads. Doyle, a current board member and former director of the non-profit Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network, is a passionate advocate for the organic farming movement.  A Massachusetts native who attended graduate school at the University of Mississippi, Doyle ...

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BEN WILLIAMS – Summer Recess 2019: PowerScoring Trump’s judicial confirmations

The U.S. Senate concluded business on August 1, 2019, and the Senators left town to enjoy their traditional summer recesses. To date, Congress’ upper chamber has confirmed 146 Article III federal judges nominated by U.S. President Donald Trump. Some news outlets, including CNN, contend Trump is packing the federal bench in an unprecedented fashion. A front-page The New York Times ...

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Wildfires like those seen in California possible in Mississippi?

By BECKY GILLETTE The recent devastating camp fire-begun conflagration that killed 85 people and destroyed about 14,000 homes in California has created more awareness of the potential for devastating wildfires, said Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) Fire Chief Randy Giachelli. “The saddest part is that nearly nine out of 10 wildfires nationwide could have been prevented with proper care,” Giachelli said. ...

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