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Jackson councilman pushes insurance requirement for convenience stores that sell alcoholic beverages

The liability insurance Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes wants to require of convenience stores in the city that sell alcoholic beverages may make the premises safer from mishaps such as slip-and-falls. But don’t look for it to lessen the likelihood of violent incidents – or to even cover customers injured by violence, insurance professionals say. Ward 3’s Stokes has proposed ...

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Are you in poverty if you have an Xbox?

The conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation, has just released a study questioning whether the U.S. Census Bureau should allow Americans with a multitude of unnecessary electronic devices to be considered “in poverty.” According to the most recent Census, 21.8 percent of Mississippians live below poverty level, as opposed to 14.3 percent nationally. According to USDA numbers reported by the ...

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Tradeoff: Jobs or property rights? Mississippians must settle issue

Mississippians cheered the arrival of big league economic development this decade with Nissan’s arrival in Canton and Toyota pending move into Blue Springs. But a property rights movement is working to blunt the enthusiasm for more economic bonanzas — at least if state incentives include offering the mega employers private property the state would seize through eminent domain. The Mississippi ...

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‘Replacement costs’ likely go by wayside with eminent domain vote

A ballot initiative to curb eminent domain in Mississippi to protect private property from private enterprise carries a cost land owners may not have considered, says Randy Kelley, executive director of Three Rivers Planning and Development District. New limits on the state’s eminent domain law through a constitutional change could end the paying of “replacement value” to landowners who sell ...

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Absentee ballot schedule needs speedy eminent domain resolution

Mississippi’s courts must move quickly to resolve a key state constitutional issue —whether it’s legal to limit eminent domain through a voter referendum. Otherwise trouble is ahead for state elections officials who must meet deadlines for printing and distributing ballots on the property rights question. The clock begins to wind down at 9 a.m. July 25 when Circuit Judge Winston ...

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Barbour not running for president

By Amy McCullough April 25, 2011 STATEMENT OF GOV. BARBOUR “I will not be a candidate for President next year. This has been a difficult, personal decision, and I am very grateful to my family for their total support of my going forward, had that been what I decided. “Hundreds of people have encouraged me to run and offered both ...

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