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Errors and record mismanagement can be costly

It’s the little things that can get taxpayers. Simple math errors, poor penmanship or hurriedly filling out your tax form at the last minute account for loads of filing errors. And those slip ups, which typically happen with paper returns, give the Internal Revenue Service another opportunity to tout the benefits of filing taxes electronically. “We strongly suggest that people ...

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Proposal to allow gay Boy Scouts heads for council vote

NEW YORK (AP) — Searching for compromise on a divisive issue, the Boy Scouts of America is proposing to partially lift its long-standing exclusion of gays — allowing them as youth members but continuing to bar them as adult leaders. The proposal, unveiled Friday after weeks of private leadership deliberations, will be submitted to the roughly 1,400 voting members of ...

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Groups demand end to Obama’s administration “Too Big to Jail” doctrine on bank execs

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s early March concession that the banking executives who contributed to the nation’s banking collapse are “to big to jail” has brought protests from around the country. Holder, in March 6 testimony to the Senate Banking Committee, said going after leaders of the big banks for illegal activity related to the banking crisis of the last ...

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Governor of Tennessee joins peers refusing Medicaid plan

Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee has rejected expansion of Medicaid in his state over impatience with the Obama administration’s for approval of his proposal to let the state use the money to buy private insurance for the working poor who wold otherwise be covered by Medicaid expansion. In turning down Medicaid expansion, Haslam called for a the federal health care ...

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Where’d you get that catfish? Miss. diners can now get the full answer

Customers of Mississippi restaurants will now know whether the catfish on their table is domestically produced or is an imported variety of catfish-like pangasius, also sold as basa, tra and swai. Mississippi producers persuaded legislators this month to amend the state’s catfish Country of Origin Labeling law to require restaurants to also identify the origin of foreign produced pangasius, a ...

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