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IKE TROTTER — The nuts and bolts of sound planning

Sound economic planning today is about developing a framework to the issues affecting our basic financial needs. And normally, different issues will surface at different stages in our lives. After all, who can argue that a married person 35 years of age with small children will face financial issues fundamentally different than one who is 60 to 70 years of ...

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ALAN TURNER — Madison County a vision for growth

It’s really great to be back in Mississippi.  I had forgotten how many good friends I have in this state,” Dr. Lance Nail told us recently at the 2015 Vision Celebration, sponsored by the Madison County Business League & Foundation and the Madison County Economic Development Authority. Lance was the keynote speaker at the event, which was held at the ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER — A different kind of thanks: yours

As the commercialism of Thanksgiving fades into the commercialism of Christmas (or whatever one is allowed to call it these days), several thoughts have occurred to me that will impact you as a person, a salesperson, and your business. People try so hard to express good cheer in these holiday seasons that they often miss the mark. “Don’t eat too ...

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Trade pact touted as gold mine for Mississippi exporters

By JACK WEATHERLY  Foreign trade accounts for one in five Mississippi jobs, growing them at six times the overall jobs creation rate in the state. That’s the take from the Business Roundtable, composed of executives of corporations around the country. Now the U.S. Commerce Department has some more eye-popping figures. The 11 countries that the United States would join in ...

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TODD SMITH — Create compelling news releases for the digital age

The fall news cycle is full of stories that are competing for reader attention and clicks. Politics, weather systems, football scores, terrorism, quarterly earnings reports, and the latest entertainment buzz – your news is competing against all of the content on the Internet, not just your competition’s news or other news in your industry. How can your story rise above ...

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TODD SMITH — The most popular brands in each state

Public relations and marketing agencies make it a priority to identify the nation’s regional brand tastes – why people choose Coca-Cola over Pepsi, or Ford over Chrysler – in one part of the country over another. While the volumes of marketing research can point to the brands that are held in high regard in a given state – and why ...

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