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Tough economy spawns fraudulent direct mail, telemarketing schemes

When times get tough, more people get taken in by scam artists. The declining economy combined with the retreat of profits on Wall Street may make people more vulnerable to bogus direct mail and telemarketing schemes and fraudulent investment offerings. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service says that mail and telemarketing fraud are up 27% this year. And state security regulators ...

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Levi’s Gluckstadt customer service center making impact on state

With the Nissan project underway, it’s no wonder the people of Canton and of Mississippi are excited about the new opportunities that will abound when it opens. The many suppliers that have already moved into the area are just one of many positive occurrences that the Nissan plant has afforded. But many tend to forget about the opportunities that other ...

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MediNet offers a healing dose of Internet to patients

JACKSON — A few years ago, Bill Huff found himself in a position familiar to most — anxiously waiting by the side of a loved one’s hospital bed. His wife had experienced a complicated childbirth, and all she asked was that he be there for her throughout her hospital stay. However, she didn’t want to necessarily know he was there. ...

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Ruleville bank celebrates 100 years in business

RULEVILLE — In the 100 years Delta Southern Bank, formerly Bank of Ruleville, has been open, they’ve only closed their doors on two business days, and that was during the Great Depression. The Ruleville Chamber of Commerce honored the bank, which ranks among the country’s oldest businesses, at the chamber’s annual banquet for the bank’s 100 years of service to ...

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