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Three women in Mississippi

Had Kathryn Stockett not been born and raised in Jackson, Miss., she could not have written with such feeling and compassion her novel, “The Help.” “The Help” describes an era in our history that you cannot wholly understand unless you lived through it. Even then, you may not understand “the other side of the story.” As with all history, you ...

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Public school in the 60’s

David W. Beckworth’s memoir, “A New Day in the Delta,” could be the handle for a 2009 blog. Imagine graduating from college with a business degree just as a new U. S. President and Congress deal with a controversial foreign war and a plummeting domestic economy. You’ve spent the summer with your folks, sending out resumes that bring no job ...

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GTR airport offers more flights out

Already on shaky ground before the economy went sour, the airline industry has suffered along with everybody else as businesses and consumers reduced major expenses like air travel. Major hubs have cut flights and services, but it is the smaller, regional airports that depend on spillover from its behemoth brethren for business that are really taking it on the chin. ...

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Stimulus would mean infrastructure to state

The U.S. Senate this week will likely take up an economic recovery bill that cleared the House last week. U.S. Rep. Travis Childers, who voted for the bill, hopes the Senate will improve it. Specifically, Childers, D-Booneville, hopes more of the $819 billion total is devoted to infrastructure projects. The version that passed House devoted $140 billion to infrastructure improvement. ...

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