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‘Food insecurity’ on the rise

“Food security” is not a term most folks have on their minds this time of year. As defined by the United States Department of Agriculture, food security is access to and means to acquire enough food for every member of a household to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Food insecurity is the opposite of that. It denotes households that, ...

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Leave the noise behind

One of the great things about being an independent bookseller is the opportunity to be a matchmaker. Every day folks come into Bay Books here in Bay St. Louis and ask us to match the age, gender, interests, favorite authors or best-loved titles of a particular reader with a new title that we all hope will be just right. During ...

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Entergy, Hood vow to fight it out to the end

JACKSON – The legal wrangling — and the rhetoric — between Entergy Mississippi Inc. and the Attorney General’s Office has ratcheted up several notches, and it appears this war may be a long and costly one. On Dec. 1, Entergy Mississippi petitioned the Mississippi Public Service Commission (MPSC) for a public hearing on allegations brought by Attorney General Jim Hood ...

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Black Friday was great. What about the rest of the season?

Retailers breathed a collective sigh of relief when Black Friday turned out to be much stronger than forecast. According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF’s) survey “2008 Black Friday Weekend,” more than 172 million shoppers visited stores and web sites over the weekend, compared to 147 million last year, and these shoppers spent on average 7.2 percent more than the ...

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Report: Toyota will delay opening in Blue Springs

Another report that says the Toyota plant in Blue Springs will be delayed has surfaced. The Detroit News, in its “Auto Insider” column, quoted Toyota senior vice president for engineering Jun Umemura as saying the plant’s opening, currently scheduled for late 2010, would be delayed. Umemura did not answer questions after his presentation at a press conference in San Luis ...

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State’s budget for 2010 adopted

JACKSON — The Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JBCL) adopted the spending recommendations for fiscal year 2010’s budget this afternoon. Just under $5 billion was allocated for the fiscal year that begins next July 1. Not included in that figure is roughly $101 million, which represents 2 percent of available funds that is set aside by law to offset any variances ...

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