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State parks among the richest treasures of Mississippi

Studies haven’t been conducted of the overall economic impact of Mississippi State Parks. But there are some things that can’t be measured in dollars, and the recreational value of the 28 state parks covering 23,467 acres is one of those. The state’s Web site for the parks, www.mdwpf.gov/parks.asp, says, “Visit any of Mississippi’s 28 state parks and uncover some of ...

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Accidents: to report or not to report?

Ah, what a lovely spring day, you think as you round the corner to your office, the warm breeze blowing through the open window of your car. You reach to adjust the volume on your radio, keeping one eye on the road and then, all of a sudden, BLAM! You could swear that SUV wasn’t there a minute ago. Thoughts ...

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Military manufacturing showing gains in state

Manufacturing in general has lost a significant number of jobs in recent years in Mississippi, but one category — military manufacturing — is actually showing gains even during the current economic recession. “At the moment the biggest thing going against the trend is the defense industry,” said Mark Leggett, director of government affairs for the Mississippi Manufacturers Association. “Anything related ...

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Demise of independent radio might be overstated in Mississippi

Considering the wave of consolidation that ran through big media after the passing of the 1996 Telecom Act, radio station ownership in Mississippi is still pretty diverse, with the largest chain in the nation, 1,200-property Clear Channel Communication, only owning 24 of the 60-plus stations in the state. Independent owners are as diverse as their audiences, with educational institutions like ...

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Metro Jackson continues to weather WorldCom storms

The fallout from WorldCom’s bankruptcy filing and reorganization plan continues to impact the metro Jackson economy. On Feb. 28, about 300 local employees, or 41% of WorldCom’s workforce in metro Jackson, were given the pink slip as part of the corporation’s 100-day restructuring plan. About 5,000 WorldCom employees were laid off nationwide. WorldCom CEO Michael Capellas said it should be ...

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