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BILL CRAWFORD — Koch thought machine will influence Mississippi elections

When it comes to government, Charles and David Koch want to influence, some say control, the political thoughts of all Americans. Yes, including Mississippians.   The Koch brothers and their super wealthy compatriots are spending billions of dollars to inform, many say indoctrinate, Americans on how to think about government, how to vote, and how to take down contrary elected ...

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GRANT CALLEN — School choice is not a new entitlement.  But Pre-K is.

Earlier this week, columnist Bill Crawford penned a piece arguing that school choice proposals authored in recent legislative sessions are not conservative because they represent a “new entitlement.” Instead, Crawford favors publicly funded Pre-K as the best fix for Mississippi’s education woes. Here’s why he’s wrong. To be a new entitlement the Legislature would have to appropriate more money for ...

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JACK WEATHERLY — Sadly, there goes that man who invented New Journalism

When I started working for newspapers 45 years ago, Tom Wolfe turned me on to something. It wasn’t a drug, though it did alter my writing sensibility, permanently. “There Goes (Varoom! Varoom!) That Kandy Kolored (Thphhhhhh!) Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby…” was the name of one of his early pieces that went a long way in establishing New Journalism. That essay about ...

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MATTHEW McLAUGHLIN — Finding white space

When I work with startups that are analyzing market opportunities and existing firms that are exploring other opportunities, I try to frame the discussion in terms of white space.  There is nothing proprietary about the term “white space” – it has been around at least since the dot-com frenzy of the 1990s, if not before then.  White space essentially means ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Wrong school fixes will keep our children shamefully behind

Emerging initiative “Empower Mississippi” is right that many children do not “flourish” in Mississippi public schools. But the fix it wants is wrong. Just as the fix proposed by the “Better Schools, Better Jobs” initiative was wrong.    Neither creating a new entitlement program in the guise of school choice nor making Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) funding mandatory will ...

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