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TODD SMITH — U.S. Trust, Merrill Lynch brands ride into sunset post Bank of America Merger

Two of the most iconic names in banking are galloping into the sunset! Recently, Bank of America said it will gradually retire the U.S. Trust brand to become the Bank of America Private Bank. The move is part of CEO Brian Moynihan’s “one-company” strategy to more closely align the bank’s various businesses and branding. The company will also no longer ...

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PETER FUNT — Brian Williams earns his way back

Television’s most elegant and articulate anchor, who shepherds what is arguably the nation’s most informative nightly news program, continues to toil in relative obscurity. It’s not that viewership for Brian Williams’s 11 p.m. ET program on MSNBC is tiny; it reaches nearly two million people on an average night. It’s that the broadcast from which Williams was exiled four years ...

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TOM PURCELL — Why ‘springing forward’ takes my dad weeks

Nobody dreads daylight saving time more than my father. He has his work cut out for him this coming weekend, when we “spring forward” by setting clocks ahead by an hour before going to bed Saturday night. You see, my mother loves clocks – so much that he has 14 clocks to reset. There are clocks in both guest bedrooms. ...

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Analysis: Mississippi will see big turnover of state offices

Mississippi this year will have its biggest shake-up of statewide offices in a generation, no matter who wins in November. Five of the eight current statewide elected officials are not seeking re-election, so there are open races for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and treasurer. That’s a contrast to 2015, when all eight statewide officials were re-elected. ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: The new Republican reality: Debt, debt, and more debt

“The national debt has passed a new milestone, topping $22 trillion for the first time,” reported the Associated Press. “The Treasury Department’s daily statement showed Tuesday that total outstanding public debt stands at $22.01 trillion. It stood at $19.95 trillion when President Donald Trump took office on Jan. 20, 2017.” “It looks like a $9 trillion time bomb is ready ...

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Analysis: Mississippi lawmakers reject college aid changes

There could have been a shift in how Mississippi helps students pay for college after findings showed one program benefiting many affluent families doesn’t appear effective, while less affluent families remained underserved. Legislators, though, appear to have decided to do little for now. That’s because subsidies to relatively affluent students have powerful protectors, including Republican lawmakers, the University of Mississippi ...

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