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LaborChex flourishing in fast-growing employment background screening industry

By TED CARTER You can still get hired in a New York Minute – or something close to it. The difference is that nowadays the person doing the hiring knows a lot more about you and can set expectations accordingly, says Ricky Rayborn, a principal and president of LaborChex Inc., a Brandon employment background screening company that did its first ...

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Employers can go deep into your background but must avoid pitfalls

By TED CARTER Mississippi pretty much leaves it to the federal government to regulate job and credit background screenings of state residents. Under federal provisions, screeners can make a deep dive into a job applicant’s past. They can look into credit history, consumer history, criminal history, civil litigation history, driving records, previous employment history, educational history, social media history, and ...

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Background screeners have been growing exponentially

By TED CARTER The U.S. professional background screening business has never been hotter. Eight out of 10 employers use it for full-time hires. That expansion has occurred rapidly with improvements in the completeness of the screenings, the speed in which they are performed and their affordability. Related stories » LaborChex flourishing in fast-growing employment  » Employers can go deep into ...

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