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2001 Top 40 Under 40 winners

William Alias III
Denise Cameron
Steve Carroll
H. Douglas Catchings IV
J. Eustis Corrigan Jr.
Daren DeLeon
Max Draughn
G.G. Ferguson
Chris Fudge
Tommy Glenn
Todd Gooden
Cheri D. Green
Ruma Haque
Alyson Crouch Hardin
Casey Holcomb
Philip G. Holman
John Lewis
Vernon L. Mangum
Matt Martin
Larry May
Tom McDonnell
Beth McGaugh
Emily T. Myers
Joe Nosef III
Heather Osborne
Jan Pannell
David Roberts III
Carolyn Shanks
M. Wade Sims Jr.
Mark A. Smith
Millie Swan
Robyn Tannehill
Hampton D. Thames
Cindy Tyler
Cary Weeden
Denise Westerfield
Kimberly Wheat
Guy Hyde White
DeLone Wilson
Mary Carol Zito

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