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2003 Top 40 Under 40 winners

Matthew Avara
Joe Barlow
Angela Beasley
James Blackwood Jr.
Todd Boolos
Kristi Brown
Robby Channell
Lance Clay
Andrew Copeland
Tommy Couch Jr.
John Cox
Chris DaQuila
Lance Dillon, D.M.D.
Ted Duckworth
Michael Dudley
Gail Eaves
Wenbren Everhart
Heather Floyd
Trudy Fountain
Jeff Good
Mary Graham
John Hairston
George Jacob (Jay) Hauenstein III
Bill Iupe
John Kehoe
Aileen McNeill
Keith Melancon, M.D.
Diana Mikula
Cyndi Howard McCoy
Michelle Pollard
Brian Reithel, Ph.D.
Donna Ritchey
Tanya Scott
Jason Shifflette
Kathleen Smiley
Trace Swartzfager
Kimberly Sweet
Dr. Marjorie Taylor
Tim Threadgill
Dorian Turner

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