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2011 Health Care Heroes in Mississippi winners

Darlenia Andrews, University of Mississippi Health Care  

Barry D. Bertolet, Cardiology Associates of North Mississippi   

Paul Boackle, University of Mississippi Health Care/The Air National Guard   

David Collipp, NewSouth Neuro Spine 

Richard A. Conn, M.D., Southern Bone and Joint Specialist

Brian L. Crabtree, Pharm. D., Mississippi State Hospital  

Allison Crews, Grogan and Crews Inc. 

Joel Davidson, City of Morton Fire Department  

John D. Davis IV, NewSouth Neuro Spine

Michael R. Edwards, Scott Regional Hospital 

Karen A. George, RN, MSN, North Mississippi Medical Center

Vickie B. Gerrard, Mississippi Baptist Health Systems     

Cameron S. Griffith, M.D., M.S., Southern Eye Physicians Center  

Bonnie Lee Harbaugh, Ph.D., RN, University of Southern Mississippi School of Nursing 

Tina Higgins, MSN,RN,NEA-BC, University of Mississippi Health Care 

Alvin Hoover, King’s Daughter Medical Center     

John D. Isaacs Jr., M.D., Mississippi Fertility Institute at Women’s Specialty Center   

Jaime Jimenez, M.D., Southern Eye Physicians Center   

Thomas L. Kilgore Jr., M.D., Mississippi Baptist Health Systems         

Jerome Kolbo, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi School of Social Work   

Manisha Sethi Malhotra, M.D., Internal Medicine and Pediatric Associates of Ridgeland   

Amal K. Mitra, University of Southern Mississippi Dept of Community Health Sciences           

Mary Moses, North Mississippi Medical Center     

Mildred Ridgway, University of Mississippi Medical Center    

Sue Haley Simmons, M.D., Maben Medical Clinic/North Mississippi Medical Clinic 

Sister M. Dorothea Sondgeroth, St. Dominic Health Systems   

Harper Stone, M.D., Jackson Heart Clinic      

Billy R. Walton, Mississippi State Hospital      

Brenda M. Waltz, Garden Park Medical Center        

Kathleen Yadrick, University of Southern Mississippi Dept of Nutrition and Food Systems   

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