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Offers and Promotions

ONE-TIME CONTRIBUTION: Various amounts. 

Amounts range from $50 / $75 / $100 / $500. All amounts of $50 or more include all items from Monthly membership. Click here to choose a one-time contribution.


Glance over a list of MBJ events

Level One – $1,500 – Includes sponsorship of 1 event of choice, plus full page color ad in special publication, plus a digital ad package for 30 days. It will include a 25% discount on all other ad packages. Includes logo on plaques, signage, sponsor recognition at the event and front page recognition in the special pub.

Level Two – $2,500 – Includes sponsorship of 2 events, with other elements of Level One.

Level Three – $3,500 – Includes sponsorship of 3 events, with other elements of Level One.

Level Four – $4,500 – Includes sponsorship of 4 events, with other elements of Level One.

Click here to choose a level of sponsorship.


Includes a detailed article in the MBJ on the business, plus two half-page ads in the MBJ and 3 months of digital advertising.  Sign up for custom publishing package.


For more information on any of the products and offers below contact:
Tami Jones at 601-354-1011 or submit your questions here.