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KYLE WILLIAMS — Operating commercial drones in Mississippi, what you need to know

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS”), commonly known as drones, has become more prevalent for both recreation and business-related purposes. Nationally, many businesses, from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, are using drones to provide a competitive advantage over their peers.  The first authorized use of drones for commercial purposes was by the oil industry, for its operations in ...

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Analysis: Secrecy plagues court cases involving Hinds DA

The American justice system requires trials to be open to the public. But, so far, secrecy shrouds the legal maneuvering that could lead to a criminal trial where the defendant is the top prosecutor in Mississippi’s largest county. Citizens can’t understand the full story of the problems because at least five cases regarding Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith ...

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WE LAW — Badges, guns, subpoenas & search warrants: What to do?

One day the People with Badges, Guns & Search Warrants may make an unannounced visit to your business. No business should assume it is immune. The state and federal government have a long reach into your business.   The fact you don’t directly take state or federal money doesn’t exempt you.  Your interactions with third parties who receive government funding ...

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Gulfport attorney suspended, allegedly abandoned clients

The Mississippi Supreme Court says Gulfport attorney Eric J. Eubanks accepted full payment from two clients, then failed to show up for Youth Court hearings where he was supposed to represent them, resulting in a three-year suspension from the practice of law. To be reinstated to the Mississippi Bar Association after his suspension is finished, The Sun Herald reports (http://bit.ly/29UyShr) ...

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LAW ELEVATED: Mississippi: Uber has arrived

One of the most exciting developments of the recently concluded 2016 legislative session was the passage of legislation to welcome ridesharing companies like Uber to Mississippi. In case you have not experienced a ridesharing service such as Uber in Jackson or in other markets around the country, they usually entail connecting people who need a ride with a certified driver ...

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MEC, Manufacturers Association, Municipal League fear breach of fire-at-will doctrine

By TED CARTER The Mississippi Supreme Court would deal a “devastating blow” to the state’s 150-year-old at-will employment doctrine by sticking to a March ruling that a worker should not have been fired for having a firearm in a locked vehicle at work. Those are the stakes as seen by the Mississippi Economic Council, the Mississippi Manufacturers Association and the Mississippi ...

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