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New wave of suits linked to BP oil spill hitting courts

A new wave of lawsuits against BP is hitting the federal courts nearly a decade after the Gulf oil spill. The new litigation is the result of a court ruling that blocks thousands of people from a medical settlement negotiated after the 2010 environmental disaster. It threatens to clog court dockets for years, and it means plaintiffs like Sherry Carney ...

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House balks at Senate plan for oil spill damage account

Mississippi lawmakers may be unable to decide this year how to spend $750 million in oil spill damage payments, with sniping between House and Senate members after a bill died at a Tuesday deadline for action when the House Appropriations Committee didn’t bring it up. House members from Mississippi’s coast said Senate Bill 2634 didn’t have the detailed structure they wanted to ...

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Biloxi to join lawsuit seeking more oil spill money

Biloxi plans to join a class-action lawsuit against other companies besides BP that were involved in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The Sun Herald reports that the City Council on Tuesday hired attorneys to file a claim in a class-action lawsuit under the HESI/Transocean Settlement Program. The newspaper reports that potential claims will be filed against Halliburton Energy ...

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Mississippi set to get first $150M from oil spill settlement

Mississippi is about to receive the first $150 million for economic damages from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Attorney General Jim Hood says the payment from BP is expected Friday. Under a multistate oil spill settlement, Mississippi is to receive almost $2.2 billion. About $1.5 billion is for environmental restoration and economic development. The Legislature will decide how ...

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Impacts of BP oil spill continue

By BECKY GILLETTE The National Wildlife Federation report, 9 Things You Didn’t Know About the Deepwater Horizon Disaster and How We Can Restore the Gulf of Mexico, includes these key findings: *Nearly all of the populations of dolphins and whales in the oiled area were found to have demonstrable, quantifiable injuries. *In the five years after the disaster, more than ...

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BP oil spill settlement paves the way for recovery progress

By BECKY GILLETTE The Deepwater Horizon oil spill court settlement between BP and the government reached April 4—just a couple weeks before the sixth anniversary of the world’s largest oil spill disaster—opens the way for millions of dollars being allocated for projects on the Mississippi Gulf Coast designed to compensate for the environmental damages. There are three different funding streams ...

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