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MORE FUNDING, MORE OPTIONS — More than 322,000 breast cancer deaths averted between 1989 and 2015

By BECKY GILLETTE While women in the U.S. still face the probability that one in eight will develop breast cancer, the most common cancer in American women,  survival rates are improving, said Dr. Barbara Craft, a medical oncologist who is an associate professor of medicine at University of Mississippi Medical Center Division of Oncology. The American Cancer Society has reported ...

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Jana Neely finding the answers among the many questions

By JULIA MILLER At 37, Jana Neely stepped into her OB-GYN’s office for her annual wellness check up. “During the routine breast exam, my doctor felt a small lump,” she recalled. “It would roll back and forth, so he said not to worry. We’ll just keep an eye on it.” At that time, the lump was only about the size ...

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BREAST CANCER — A matter of life — and death

By CALLIE DANIELS BRYANT She is a researcher. She is a wife and mother. And she has breast cancer. Jennifer Caldwell, who lives in Senatobia, found out she had Stage Three breast cancer (ER+PR+ meaning invasive ductal) when she was 28 in 2008. “I had just gotten off birth control so that we could try to start a family,” Caldwell said, ...

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Fighting cancer through art

By LISA MONTI Gina Carter-Simmers will tell you the exact moment she received her breast cancer diagnosis. It was Aug. 10, 2016. And also the date — Aug. 4 — when she got the call from her doctor with the preliminary results. And the day she started chemo — Aug. 26. Carter-Simmers can recount such details about her ongoing fight ...

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FOCUS ON HEALTHCARE: Breast cancer surgery options increasing

By BECKY GILLETTE Some women have a strong genetic predisposition to breast cancer. With the BRCA gene mutation, women have a 70 to 80 percent chance of developing breast cancer over their lifetime and 4o to 50 percent chance of ovarian cancer. “While only five percent of women possess the BRCA gene, we have identified a good number of patients in ...

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HEALTHCARE FOCUS — Breast thermal imaging an alternative for women who want radiation-free screening

By BECKY GILLETTE The effectiveness of mammograms has come under increased scrutiny in recent years because of studies that have shown about half of women aged 40 to 50 having an annual screening mammogram for ten years will have a false alarm, which leads to an estimated $4 billion per year in unnecessary follow-up testing. Another 20 percent of mammograms over ...

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