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TODD SMITH — Ohio State seeks to trademark ‘The’

The Buckeyes are aiming to be “The” brand in college sports! Ohio State University is seeking to trademark the word “The” when used on items marketed for sale, according to a trademark application filed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The filing, made a couple of weeks ago, aims to protect the school’s formal name – The Ohio State ...

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National labor board dismisses ruling that would have allowed college athletes to unionize

CHICAGO — The National Labor Relations Board on Monday overturned a historic ruling that gave Northwestern University football players the go-head to form the nation’s first college athletes’ union, saying the prospect of union and non-union teams could throw off the competitive balance in college football. The decision throws out a March 2014 ruling by a regional NLRB director in Chicago ...

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MISSISSIPPI RISING: Time to sell the image

by Jack Weatherly A Harvard professor said long ago: “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”That was pretty profound, still is.Here’s something else pretty profound. Mississippi State is No. 1 and Ole Miss is No. 3 in college football. State has never been in that position. Ole Miss has been at the top of the heap a few times, but that was ...

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