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Soybeans still the king on the row-crop chess board

By JACK WEATHERLY jack.weatherly@msbusiness.com Market conditions and the weather have played their role in the annual shifting of acreage devoted to row crops in Mississippi. Cotton acreage is up 26 percent from 2016. Corn is down 25 percent and rice acreage is down 38 percent. And soybeans are up 10 percent, according to the acreage report from the USDA. But ...

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Farmers ante up and place bets in risky year

By JACK WEATHERLY  Mississippi farmers have doubled down on soybeans as a way to remain a player in the high-risk poker game that has seen winnings from past years dwindle. Farmers say they will plant 2.3 million acres of the beans this year, up 4 percent from 2013, the most land devoted to that crop since 1988, according to the ...

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Is cotton looking too good? Farmers facing weaker prices

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Cotton is looking good across the state as bolls open and harvest nears, but increased cotton acreage planted across the country means lower prices on this year’s crop. In its Aug. 24 report, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated 17 percent of Mississippi’s cotton is in excellent condition and 54 percent in good condition. Nearly all the ...

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Farmers plant more row crops than originally planned

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi producers planted more of the state’s major row crops than they planned in March, and the majority of them are in good condition. Every winter, Mississippi producers estimate how many acres they will plant of each crop they intend to grow. The U.S. Department of Agriculture tabulates these in March and issues the planting intentions report. ...

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Cotton acreage expected to soar 40% over 2013

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — The state’s cotton producers remain optimistic about a crop that is up significantly in acreage despite frequent planting delays. The state is expected to plant about 400,000 acres of cotton in 2014, about 40 percent more than last year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported on June 15 that cotton was 98 percent planted. USDA rated 65 ...

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