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FOCUS ON SECURITY: Ransomware can paralyze a business

By BECKY GILLETTE Ransomware can not only leave a business paralyzed with no access to its computer system, it can be extremely costly. The amount of ransom demanded has been on the rise over the past year, according to information provided by the  Mississippi Attorney General Cyber Crime Center. Documented complaints in Mississippi range anywhere from $2,000 to $21,000 in ...

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WESLEY McGREW: Cyber security for the road warrior

In my previous columns, I’ve been describing the benefits of having offense-oriented testing performed on your company’s network. This time around, I want to give some advice for the road warriors among you. Many of you have to travel for work, and present an attractive target to cyber criminals that want to steal trade secrets, customer information, or even infect ...

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WESLEY McGREW — Being a “compliant” victim of cybercrime

When I discuss cybersecurity with business leaders, the most common misconception I see involves the role of security compliance. In my last column, I described the reality of cybercrime, a wild frontier of advanced attackers that can critically damage your business with impunity. In this dangerous environment, it’s important to realize that compliance alone will not protect you. Recently, the ...

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Cybercrimes: It is a long road between right and resolution

By BECKY GILLETTE There are potential criminal and civil liabilities for hackers who compromise trade secrets, customer names and credit card information from a business. But finding the hackers, proving the case and then also being able to collect damages is a daunting challenge. “There is potential criminal liability for the hackers, assuming that you can find them and produce ...

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Security breach exposes iPad users

SAN FRANCISCO — AT&T Inc. yesterday acknowledged a security weak spot that exposed the e-mail addresses of apparently more than 100,000 users of Apple Inc.’s iPad, a breach that could make those people vulnerable to precision-targeted hacking attacks. The vulnerability only affected iPad users who signed up for AT&T’s “3G” wireless Internet service. It involved an insecure way that AT&T’s ...

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