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MIKE SKINNER — 5 cybersecurity strategy mistakes you can’t afford to make

Read through your Twitter feed or turn on the news on any given day and one thing is evident: cyber attacks are happening in every industry and organization size. It is obvious that these attacks are increasing in number and sophistication, and we’re confident in stating that this trend will continue. Developing a cybersecurity strategy can give your organization the ...

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WESLEY McGREW — Don’t let cybersecurity wag the dog

When “the tail is wagging the dog”, you know that something has gone wrong. Priorities are not straight, and a part of the system does not understand its role. Providers of offense-oriented security services, such as penetration testing and red team engagements (which I’ve described in previous articles), often make draconian recommendations that, in pursuit of least effort, wind up ...

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New group seeks to raise awareness of cybersecurity at top levels

By LISA MONTI A new coalition of top Mississippi public and private sector leaders wants to raise awareness of cybersecurity implications, issues and the growing threats to businesses and government agencies as well as economic opportunities. The Department of Information Technology Services hosted the Mississippi Executive Alliance for Cybersecurity (MEAC) held its first quarterly meeting recently in Jackson. Craig Oregon, ITS ...

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Cybersecurity experts hunting cyber threats from home in Mississippi

A network of cybersecurity experts working from their homes in South Mississippi are on the hunt for cyber threats IN a multitude of industry environments. Rebekah Wilke, who works from her Bay St. Louis home, heads a virtual security operations center for Raytheon Foreground Security that provides advance cyber monitoring, threat hunting and other professional services. “Providing protection from targeted ...

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MSU makes top three in cybersecurity education ranking

STARKVILLE — According to a Hewlett Packard-sponsored survey by the Ponemon Institute, Mississippi State University’s cybersecurity courses and degree programs rank among the top three for academic excellence and practical relevance. Only the University of Texas at San Antonio and Norwich University in Northfield, Vt., ranked higher at first and second, respectively. Syracuse University in New York state and Carnegie ...

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