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Lottery study panel set to dive deep on issue

By BOBBY HARRISON / Daily Journal  The special committee formed by House Speaker Philip Gunn to study whether Mississippi should have a lottery will get down to the nitty gritty in its next, and perhaps last, meeting. The plan is for the next meeting to take place in October with a final report being compiled in November before the 2018 ...

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BOBBY HARRISON: Federal lawsuit takes off where Initiative 42 failed

Will Bardwell of Jackson, a senior attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, is trying to do through an innovative lawsuit what voters narrowly rejected in 2015 – to amend the state Constitution to strengthen Mississippi’s commitment to public education. The lawsuit, filed last week in federal court in the Southern District of Mississippi, is not seeking any money, but ...

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BOBBY HARRISON: Rules are made to be broken in the Legislature

A key deadline in the Mississippi legislative process occurs next Tuesday. It is the deadline for a bill to pass out of committee in the originating chamber. For instance, theoretically, for someone  interested in the lottery, if a lottery bill does not pass out of committee in either the House or the Senate on Tuesday, the issue is dead for ...

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Bonanza in Tupelo is one of only 12 left nationwide

By DENNIS SEID / Daily Journal TUPELO – The familiar red roof and sign at the Bonanza restaurant on South Gloster Street have been a welcome sight for more than 40 years to diners, many of whom have gotten into a familiar and comfortable routine. For example, if Albert Fears isn’t on the grill cooking a steak, some of the ...

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BOBBY HARRISON: Legislature makes unusual constitutional argument

  Granted, it is an arcane point, but the irony of the argument the legislative leadership – Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and Speaker Philip Gunn – presented last week to the Mississippi Supreme Court cannot go without notice. For most of this year, the legislative leadership has been arguing against the citizen-sponsored education funding initiative that will be on the ...

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ICC embarks on 5-year plan for ICC-Tupelo

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal TUPELO – Itawamba Community College will embark on a five-year plan that will dramatically upgrade its Tupelo campus. Included will be the construction of a new 62,000-square-foot academic building and the renovation of the technical education building. “We believe the Tupelo campus will be where our population growth will be in the future,” ICC President ...

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