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Safety first for state’s construction firms

By NASH NUNNERY  From commercial to small-scale residential, construction sites can be dangerous. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, roughly 150,000 job-site injuries occur nationwide each year. With 130 million construction workers on the job at any given time, this number is likely to rise. Of the construction site injuries that take place each year, ...

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DAVID DALLAS: Granny’s voting odyssey

Tuesday was election day. As a result, Donald J. Trump is the next President of our United States. Many people thought we’d elect a woman to be our next President, but we didn’t. No judgment: it’s all a part of the American experiment. My grandmother is 96. She was born in 1920, the year women in this country were given ...

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Avoid these common LinkedIn mistakes to build your personal brand

You’ve created a dynamic LinkedIn profile. You’ve updated your past jobs, triple-checked for typos, and uploaded a photo that’s a far better choice than the awkward selfie you used to have in its place. With your profile in good shape, it’s time to start building and strengthening your network with purpose. But before you get too excited and start connecting ...

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Trump rally in stock markets still has legs

The rebound in share prices around the world following the election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president continued Thursday, with Asia partaking in the gains and the dollar rising further. The market mood has turned around dramatically since the immediate aftermath of Trump’s victory, which prompted widespread selling Wednesday in Asia. On Thursday, Asian shares posted hefty gains ...

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Adams County officials agree to pay missing retirement funds

Adams County supervisors have agreed to pay retirement benefits to former hospital employees. The Natchez Democra reports that the Adams County Board of Supervisors agreed on Monday to pay the Mississippi Public Employee Retirement System nearly $450,000. The decision has come two years after the Natchez Regional Medical Center filed for bankruptcy and missed payments to PERS. Medical center employees ...

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LAW ELEVATED: Franchisee / franchisor’s trademark: the fictitious name registration

The fictitious name, also known as the d/b/a, doing business as, trade name or assumed name. Every franchisee uses one and, in almost all cases, it’s the franchisor’s trademark. And while it may be considered “fictitious,” the value of the name is very real to the franchisor. So, when a franchisee says, “I need to register my d/b/a,” should the ...

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